Ilumitex Wall coating

We are the only decorating company in Leeds to offer the specialist Ilumitex wall coating system. This highly durable and attractive paint solution is ideal for public areas such as schools, hospitals, public buildings, airport terminals, sporting arenas, high rise flats and housing, shopping centres, factories, hotels, restaurants, theme parks, leisure complexes, theatres, cinemas, nightclubs, discos or even a domestic bathroom.

Ilumitex comes in a variety of colours and paint effects and is unique because it is seamless with no shrinkage, scuffing or opening of joints. It also lasts up to three times as long as conventional paint systems, saving you time and money in terms of redecorating.

M&H Decorators Leeds is fully qualified and experienced at applying this dry flake spray system over areas of any size.

Floor painting

As experts in industrial and commercial floor painting Leeds, we offer a full range of solutions for your site, including:

Epoxy resin coatings

  • Sealing

Work is carried out promptly and efficiently to ensure minimum downtime for your business.

Our flooring services are ideal for car parks, retail outlets, office blocks, aircraft hangers, laboratories, pedestrian walkways and more because they provide a robust surface that will withstand high amounts of abrasion, impact and chemicals.

Industrial floor painting can also be useful in defining different areas within a workplace as well as to help your business meet strict Health & Safety standards.

Exterior painting and decorating

Our exterior painting services in Leeds are available to both domestic and commercial customers.

Our skill in this area of decorating ensures your home, office or commercial building is protected from the elements, looks good and will stand the test of time.

We use a combination of professional techniques and excellent quality materials and equipment to provide immaculate results.

Exterior decorating services we provide include:

Expert advice

  • Repairs to surfaces including masonry and woodwork Leeds
  • Plastering and rendering Leeds
  • External painting Leeds

Specialist access work

Decorating in commercial and industrial buildings often involves working in tricky or dangerous areas. Here at M&H Decorators, we have the specialist access equipment and skill needed to provide our services safely in all types of environments.


Fed up of looking at the same old tired wallpaper? Been putting that decorating project off for too long? Call M&H Decorators Leeds for a full range of domestic decorating services including wallpapering, painting.

We also specialise in wide vinyl paper hanging.

Airless spraying

M&H Decorators Leeds has the equipment and expertise to provide professional air spray painting services, including the Portaflex system. This type of painting is often used for large areas and to provide a flawless finish.

We use our high level of expertise and care to ensure all other surfaces are fully protected during this process.

Steel work

We are fully equipped to treat and decorate steel work on a large or small scale, including stripping, recoating and applying flame retardant paint.

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